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What do I want to accomplish today?

What, considering my pain levels (moderate) and lack of sleep (due to severe pain last night), can I reasonably accomplish, without pushing myself too far to go to the Diesel tonight?

The flowchart starts to branch out. Can I work on the books? In which case, moving bookcases or sorting nonfiction? If not books, DVDs? Items are less heavy, less likely to exacerbate arm pain.

Is pain too great, risk of ruination of later plans too great? Should I read? Which book? Should I watch something? I have Serenity on DVD, and Fight Science on the TiVo...

What low-impact tasks do I have left? (Most of the remaining tasks are high-impact and require assistance.) List them, list the high-impact tasks. Must prioritize. Need a bulletin board. Need to go to Target. Need to make a shopping list for Target. Also need to go get a heated mattress pad. Also need to walk around downtown, if only to find a post office, as I have two swaps to mail. Am I up to that today? Weather would be good for it. What low-impact tasks can I accomplish here and still have the energy to do that? Any?

The flowchart branches in all directions.

The difference between this and previous mental flowcharts?

Off the Trileptal, I can see everything on the flowchart. Previously, thinking of the mattress pad would have made me lose the reminder regarding the bulletin board. Now, I see it all, all the threads; I can rearrange it, like the computers in Minority Report.

Damn, it's good to have my brain back.

Final decision - even typing this hurts. Will stick to a shower, possibly a few very low-impact tasks, reading, and a nap. Anything else will leave me unable to function tonight, if I'm able to get there at all.
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