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I hate it when my mother's right.

It happens fairly seldom, you realize. And almost never about the Big Things.

But my mother was right: the cold is very, very bad for my fibro. As demonstrated by last night - waiting for the bus for 'bout half an hour in The Cold, then walking home for fifteen minutes in The Cold. A light sweater and leather jacket were insufficient. To be fair, they might have been sufficient had I headed out at about 2:00-4:00, as planned. But 5:00 was too late, and too Cold.

Last night, I had probably the worst night of pain I've had up here so far. It set in slowly - stiffness and achiness first. But by 9:00, I could not move. I was in bed before 10, and up til about 11 whimpering in pain.

This tells me two things:

1. I am not to be out in The Cold like that again.
2. The Lyrica is most likely having some effect. Because I forgot to take it yesterday morning. Adam pointed out that most of my worst nights are on days I forgot to take my morning meds. So.

We are handling this by getting me warmer clothes and making sure I over-bundle, and trying to get me rides to and from places rather than putting me on the bus in inclement weather. We have no idea yet how cold is Too Cold; this and Friday (when I was in The Cold less than 5 minutes, and thus suffered no adverse effects) were the only times I've been in cold weather since the fibro set in. Ancora Imparo. I am learning.

I am angry at my body, because I had to miss something last night I'd really been looking forward to. I was in no condition to go. *sigh* There will be other things, other times. But still.

I have a ride home from the Diesel Tuesday night. Don't know if it'll be cold, but she wants to watch Veronica Mars with us. So. :)

(Sleeping nearly 12 hours helped. I'm still achy today, with that awful knot that makes me say "My wings hurt!" - no, I'm not otherkin, but if I did have wings, that's where they'd be, and it's easier than describing the spot, and when it hurts, I can't point to it.)

Otherwise, yesterday was great; yunatwilight had a party at Urban Oasis, so I got to be naked with lovely women, including her and her partner, ayalanya, beetiger, and a few others whose LJnames I do not know (and don't know if they go by their real names on their LJs. So.). Hot tubbing = very good for the fibro. I hadn't been in that little pain in quite some time. Which makes the evening that much more frustrating! Next time I go, I'll make sure to have a ride. *nod*

I liked everyone I met yesterday very muchly. :)

And lightgatherer, I got the shirt! *hugs* Thank you. :) (What Treat did you get?)

(And yes, BPALfriends, I saw the update; I got Bitter Moon, Purple Phoenix, Glitter, and Typhon. That was my treat for managing the move. I'd love the Bitter Moon T-Shirt and long-sleeved Alchemist's Local shirts, but - cannot afford just yet. Meager clothing budget must go to sweaters. (When will they make more hoodies? *sigh*))
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