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I love Boston.

Remember my constant refrain of "Boston now please"?

The new version is "I love Boston because ________!"

I keep randomly squeeing. I love Boston because of the chocolate buffet. I love Boston because of my new supermarket. I love Boston because of my new Halloween hand towels. (I know that I could get new Halloween hand towels anywhere. I got them here. Hush.) I love Boston because I get to hang out with so many friends just this week alone that I'm used to only seeing once or twice a year. I love Boston because mizarchivist can say "Who wants pie?" and I can say "Me!" and actually get the pie, instead of being sulky that I live too far away for pie.

No, pie is not a euphemism for anything.

Anyway. Yes. I realized that my last post was very "omfg I am so tired", and wanted to share that I was more bounce-and-squee than - well, not than tired. I'm really tired. And ouchy. But it's worth it.

Also? I love Boston because we get free long-distance. *listens to daughter embarking on a marathon long-distance phone call*

Random item that I just realized no one online knows: I collect sake sets. *nod*

Adam and I unwrapped and put away our wedding-gift stemware and china. Two years, and we hadn't yet. I think that, even that far back, we subconsciously knew we weren't in Atlanta to stay...

Tomorrow is Adam's first day of work and Elayna's first day of school, and I'm doing house-stuff with fibro_witch; Tuesday, I have a massage appointment, I think. So Wednesday is my first day all-day-alone with my new house. I was going to say it's my first day building my new routine, but there's a lot of house stuff that still has to be done before that! Today was spent lugging bookcases upstairs and shifting massive heavy boxes of books around my room to create separate areas for fiction, nonfiction, Elayna's books, graphic novels, and comics. We're not sure what we're going to do about the comics, storagewise - they're living in my office for now. As for the books... I'll save my musings about that for a separate post. But yes. Adam's office is entirely full of bookcases, my office is entirely full of books, and my next big project = masterminding the even migration of the books and shelves throughout the house. And then creating my perfect office. *nods*

...I go now. *nods*
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