Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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State of the 'song

* Note to self: Write about chocolate buffet later!

* I have been doing House Stuff. A lot. My life currently revolves around unpacking, moving boxes, buying baskets and stuff... and will for the foreseeable future. Is why I've not been posty. "How many bookcases can I fit in this room?" is not interesting to type *or* to read.

* I'm frustrated that so much of what needs to get done is beyond my physical capabilities; I hate having to wait on people for help. Grr.

* I hurt. All over. And the Tramadol's not really helping. And my brain's too busy to let me nap.

* Have new BPAL! CTIII and lovely goodies from shay_85, my CD decants, and (finally!) my big Black Moon Rising order.

* If you need my address, ask in e-mail.

* I am so tired. Miles to go bbefore I sleep...
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