Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Package Pixie like whoa!

Elayna got a package from her BPAL Package Pixie!

An assortment of See's Candies, a pack of Philosophy cocoa body wash, four-color Halloween pen with dangly spider, Halloween pencil toppers, two imps (Dragon's Bone and Dana O'Shee), A big four-sided foam Halloween stamp, a candle shaped like a cat's head, a Yankee Candle votive in "Wicked", a black votive holder with "Wicked" in red, a pack of bubbles, a black cat magnet, and a blank book with two cats. :)

She is so gleeful right now. :) I took a picture of her with her stuff, and I'll post it when I get it on the computer. And will then post her thanks on the forum.

There is Halloween confetti *everywhere*. :)

In non-Pixie news, we made our inaugural trip to the grocery store today. We stocked up. Oh, how we stocked up. :) Shaw's bakery is *fantastic*. We were very much with the *squee*! I'm up North! I can get bialys! *boogies down*

We bought Halloween candy, and I have excavated the cauldron from the maze of boxes. Nice full candy cauldron. :) And a cookie jar full of candy corn and candy pumpkins just for us. (And you, if you visit.)

The kitchen is unpacked. Things need to be rearranged, but I am putting a big DONE stamp on the kitchen. And my part of our bedroom, closet included - though of course it won't be *completely* done til the stuff in storage gets up here. Bathrooms are the next project. Then the rest of the downstairs, room by room. (Elayna has gorgeous golden afternoon light in her room.)

We have cable, and will soon have phone.

And I get to take my nap now.
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