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Many thoughts, little mental energy, so - bullet points! There will be full posts on most of these later.

* This may be the most physically arduous thing I've ever done. At this point, it's been weeks of consistent activity, and days of *constant*, high-level activity. I should not have even picked up *one* box, in my condition - but I packed and hauled most of a three-bedroom house. And I'm still hauling and unpacking.

* Re: Wednesday night: I know one of you was sick and one was confused, but the rest of you were...? (Many thanks to fibro_witch, and to dicotomygrrl and her menfolk!)

* Okay, backtrack to Atlanta. If you read Adam, you already know this: Not everything fit on the truck. This was not a flaw on the part of the loaders, who did a great job Tetrising the hell out of our stuff. (We were blessed with great movers on this, on the packing, and on the unloading, and the U-Haul was relatively problem-free.) No, we just have too much stuff. Yes, this was U-Haul's largest truck. We briefly debated tying the stuff around the car on the auto transport, but dismissed the idea. Not because it was batshit crazy, but because it turned out there was insufficient room on the auto transport. So we loaded everything we could into the car, and the rest is in storage. I barely managed to save my underwear and most-often-worn shirts from going into storage; I failed to save my bras. And it turns out that my iPod, which the overenthusiastic packers threw into one of the bedroom boxen, is still in Georgia. *sigh*

* The cats actually had a good trip, much better than anticipated. They only stayed in the carrier til the first rest stop; at Kires's suggestion, we released them into the cab of the truck. It didn't take long to show them where they shouldn't go, and they then spent the next 24 hours in relative comfort, on my lap or on the dashboard. One of them puked. It *was* a bit of a bumpy ride through NYC.

* Thursday. Move-in. At this point I've been hanging onto my sanity for about a month. So when they told me they couldn't fit my box-spring up the twisty stairs, I just stared at them for a moment. "Okay. What needs to happen?" "Well, we can cut it in half, fold it, and usually we can reassemble it up there." I ignored the "usually" and told them to cut the fucker.

* This place is smaller than Adam led me to believe. A lot. We're going to have to get creative about bookshelves. And Elayna's desk and hutch wouldn't fit in her room, so she now has her own office, in an alcove downstairs. This thrills her. "My own office! I always wanted one!" (Well, she never asked. But I knew.)

* They could not fit our sofa or wall unit in. Wouldn't go up the stairs. When they told me this, dicotomygrrl got to see the "'song's not here right now" away message, as I calmly insisted on keeping said couch and wall unit. I hauled the couch from Florida and the couch and sofa from Georgia, I don't have bras or an iPod right now because of them, and we're keeping them. The next-door neighbor offered to let the wall unit live in his garage while we decided what to do. We hoisted the shrink-wrapped sofa to the balcony for now. dicotomygrrl's friend J is pretty sure we can get it in if we take a few doors off their hinges, and I'm willing to try.

* Had a silent meltdown after the movers left (taking with them another $800). Just sort of puddled on the floor. Not tears. Just huddled-in breathing. Then I started unpacking.

* Dozed off in the car on the way to get the family. Was reenergized by seeing the family. Showed them the house. Elayna was delighted. Everything is Elayna-and-'song-sized here! Had pizza. Unpacked a few more boxes. Fell asleep before 9.

* Today's agenda: Registering Elayna for school. Unpacking more - hoping to finish the kitchen. Cable company's coming this afternoon.

And today, for the first time this week, I get to take a nap.
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