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Monday - T Minus 1 Day!

Hello to new readers tammy212 and weds!

My body rather crapped out on me for a while yesterday. Where "for a while" means "at about noon". I hauled myself through the day with force of sheer will. Pain levels are still tolerable*, and I have Tramadol if they escalate.

(*One of the upfuckeries of disability = evaluating how much pain one can tolerate before reaching for various levels of medication. Sitting there with pain that would once have been unthinkable and going, "This I can manage. It's not as bad as when I get the spiky pain and stiffness in my neck.")

Brain drugs are still holding. Dude - I could never have managed this move on Trileptal.

Ze Plan
* Movers get here ~9 to pack what we haven't gotten to. We left the dishes and electronics for them, and the framed art.
* Kires gets here at ~10:30
* Kires and I go get the truck
* Adam and I have our anniversary dinner at Baccanalia. :)

And tomorrow, movers get here around 9 to load the truck. And then Kires and I, we go. Vroom.

Daily Science
A team of researchers reports that by applying a sequence of chemicals to human embryonic stem cells in a culture dish, it has grown layers of cells similar to pancreatic tissue in a young embryo. Such cells may eventually be suitable for treating diabetes.

Is no Daily BPAL today. Is just packing like a madwoman. Bye!
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