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Notes from the war between the Gojirawitzes and the boxes

* Cardboard allergy is so far only manifesting itself as itchy red palms. We're trying to keep it that way by having me touch the edges of the boxes as little as possible; I pass the books over from the shelves, Adam puts them in the boxes.

* My everything hurts - but less than anticipated. I think the higher dose of Cymbalta is helping, and that it may actually keep me at a mild level of pain, after I've stopped thoroughly abusing my body like this. I don't know how long the recovery period from this level of activity will be, but I don't have a deadline on unpacking, so I will force myself to take it easy once I'm there.

* How did we acquire so many fragile items?

* We only have two and a half bookshelves left to pack.

* We only have five computers left to pack. (Yes, books have been a higher priority.)

* Adam accumulates kitchen gadgets like ships accumulate barnacles. I labeled one of the boxes "KITCHEN: Stuff we have never used but Adam thinks we someday might".

* How did we acquire so much framed art?

* Yesterday, we discovered The Secret to getting Elayna to pack - let her talk on the phone while she's doing it. Packing on its own is boring. Multitasking it is... not fun per se, but tolerable.

* I don't have to ask how we acquired so many books. I already know.

* One of the comics boxes is labeled "Sandman -- Shayara". One of the bookboxes is labeled "[Gojirawitz] - Lovecraft". I do not have much in the way of publication, so it pleases me unduly to do this.

* Adam has gone out to scavenge more boxes and do the very last round of grocery shopping.

* Hung out with irana and Miss Thing last night. Elayna and Miss Thing were unaffected, but irana and I got maudlin. There are plenty of people in Atlanta I'll be glad to be shut of, but she is so very not one of them. I'm looking forward to Boston. Boston holds a lot for me. But the newly-relevant thought of not seeing irana for probably a year at a time wounds us both, and we got misty, and she's coming over today, too, because yesterday was Not Enough.

* Now more coffee and more packing.
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