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Because I don't think I've said...

Thanks in part to PayPal donations, we're going to have professional movers come pack the rest of the house on Monday. We're continuing to pack ourselves as much as we physically can - those guys get paid by the hour, y'know! Essentially, we're hoping we won't need them, but they're in place if we do. Like a donor said, my pride is not worth destroying my body. Which is pretty much what's been happening - I overwork myself to the point of severe pain, and then I'm furious at myself and my body, and - it's just a bad cycle. So now I'm pacing myself better, knowing that there will be help if I can't get it done myself.

Post about my fierce independence and the loss thereof will happen after the move. I'm too tired right now. :)

We will also have professional movers load and unload the U-Haul.

My schedule for next week looks like this:

Monday: Kires arrives, movers pack up the house, we pick up the U-Haul.
Tuesday: Movers load the U-Haul; Kires and I start The Drive. (Cats ride with us, in the cab of the truck.)
Wednesday: Kires and I arrive in Boston after driving 18 hours straight. We collapse. After collapsing, we go out and unload what boxen we can, because the more we do, the less the pros do - see again "paid by the hour".
Thursday: Movers (Gentle Giant, on y'all's recommendations) unload the U-Haul. They're going to hoist the wall unit and sofa in through the balcony. Ph34r. Kires and I return the U-Haul and get him to the airport. Adam and Elayna fly up. Unfortunately, the flight times don't mesh. Argh.
Friday: We register Elayna for school, but she doesn't have to start til Monday. We begin Teh Unpackening.

Bostonians: Those of you who wanted to help unload the truck - Wednesday's the time! More important, though, is getting Kires to the airport from the U-Haul return place - we'll have to do a little research and see if that can be done via the T, but if not, anyone with a car and without a 9-to-5 job can get a free lunch by helping to make that happen.

Those who asked if they could help unpack - sure! Evenings are good for that. Ditto Sunday. (I have plans with felisdemens et al on Saturday!)

Those who want to know when we can hang out - I expect a messy decompression next weekend or early in the following week. So. After that. :) I'll be missing my first Diesel Night as an official Bostonian to take Elayna trick or treating with skintalker and his cubs, but expect me to be a regular after that. :)

No, I don't have my new phone number yet. Yes, I have my address; if you need it, ask via e-mail.

And, um, I think that covers it. My life lately = planning and packing.

EDIT: Oh! Bostonians! Massage therapists. Anyone got a good one? I'm going to need one badly after 18 hours in a truck.
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