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Thor's Day

Happy birthday to adrian76, khaosworks and runnerwolf!

Hello to new reader firebreathnchkn!

I succeeded in not overdoing it yesterday. Yay me!
Switched from 50mg pills of Lyrica to 300mg pill. No appreciable difference.
Started 60mg Cymbalta - didn't lay me out flat like first starting on Cymbalta did, but I did nap twice and rest once yesterday.

Today I Must
Today is primarily a packing day. We have many boxes! I have packing paralysis - I don't know what to do next. And everything that's exclusively mine that I won't need this week is packed - everything else, I require the input of others.


I wanted the books to all be in paper-ream boxes, but we're just not going to have enough of those... so I'll just have to see what we've got that's sturdy and start on that. *nod*

Daily Science
Galaxies in collision!

Daily BPAL
Trick #1: A double-dose of seedy that oozes rough-and-tumble sexuality while promoting vice-driven profitability! Volcanic red musk, vanilla bean, Queen Elizabeth root, red ginger, skin musk, black leather, honeycomb, honeysuckle, magnolia, and patchouli.

In bottle: Honeymuskvanilla...

On me: A whiff of the feared magnolia, but the other scents overpower it. Oh dear gods, we have honey + leather. And musk. Mmmmm.

BPALers - I am interested in getting imps of the other Trick and Treats! If you've got 'em and are willing to imp 'em out, let me know...

Golden Priapus: Insatiable lust, unending vigor! A truly carnal, energetic men's blend: vanilla and amber with juniper, rosewood and white pine.

In bottle: Hellooo, juniper!

On me: Hellooo, juniper! *waits* Hello pine. *waits even longer* Goodbye, trees; hello vanilla-amber, mostly amber...

Heh. I can't stop sniffing Trick #1. :)
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