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The writerbrain is still active. Just beneath the packingbrain.

Thought: The gifts of House Tamra are empathy and, more rarely, healing. Capri inherited the empathy from her mother and the shielding from her father, but didn't get the healing. And the Purges ensured that there were no more healers in the city.

Julia's a healer. She doesn't really know it yet, but she is.

So she'll be the first healer Capri's encountered since her mother's death.

This is going to figure into their relationship. I don't know how, but it clearly is. There is something in Julia's energy that will remind Capri of her mother. Maybe it's why she trusts her so instantly and completely. But they'll have a sexual relationship, so it can't remind her that much of her mother.

And I have... not one scene in my head to illustrate how Capri feels about all of this - her loss, and then encountering Julia - I have years of scenes, all jumbled up. The first time Capri injures herself or gets sick after the Purges, when her mother is no longer there to banish pain with her touch. The first time Capri touches Julia and feels the green warmth of her gift, and doesn't want to let go. Capri trying and trying to awaken her nonexistent healing gift as a teenager - most Dasaroi come into the fullness of their powers around puberty, but Capri did when she was a toddler, so she thought maybe, maybe that was just late...


And no time to write!
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