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Odin's Day - T Minus Six Days

Hanging in there. Yesterday's cocktail changes: doubled dose of Cymbalta, and got Tramadol for when the pain's too much. The pain wasn't too much yesterday - stayed moderate.
Miss Kid seems a little bit improved, but is hideously cranky, so it's hard to judge. School or ER for chest X-Ray? I'm keeping an eye on her as she eats her Cheerios. Hopefully things will become clear once she wakes up a little.

Today I Must
Do everything on the to-do list from yesterday that I didn't get to yesterday because I was at her doctor's office and fighting with CVS. They couldn't find her insurance info based on her insurance card. I had to call Adam to get his social security number to look it up that way, which took forever because Adam doesn't pick up the phone for numbers he doesn't know, so I had to keep calling and leaving messages and hoping for him to pick up. Got the digits, passed them on. They looked him up - and said his plan didn't have any dependents on it. I asked them to please explain, then, how they'd managed to charge my four prescriptions sitting there in their neat little bag to the insurance company, and to please figure that out, because my daughter's doctor wants her to get those hits of albuterol right now. That whole process took about an hour.


Today is pretty much a straight packing day, with a call to the local kids' consignment shop to see if they're currently taking stuff.

And a photo shoot tonight.

Daily Science
Element 118 Discovered Again!

Daily Science/Daily BPAL Crossover
Athletes thus join movie stars and other celebrities in having their own signature fragrances, for sale to the malodorous masses. But, although scientists are vital to the fragrance industry, there are no fragrances honoring them. So here are some suggestions for a new line of scientist-inspired scents.
(thanks, phinnia!)

Daily BPAL
Lyonesse: Golden vanilla and gilded musk, stargazer lily, white sandalwood, grey amber, elemi, orris root, ambergris and sea moss.

In bottle: Vanilla and - something foreign. Sea moss?

On me: Ohhh. This is nice. I'm getting the ambery vanilla and the orris, mainly; the lily stays in the background. I like this one quite a lot. With the orris and the moss to ground it... this may be my BPAL vanilla.

Tenochtitlan: The greatest of all Aztec cities, and capital of their empire. Amber, hyssop, coriander, epazote, Mexican sage, prickly pear and Mexican tulip poppy.

In bottle: Something very, very sweet!

On me: Mmmm, very sweet. Delicious! I'm not sure which of the notes this is, but it makes me happy. I have never been to Mexico - this scent reminds me of Arizona. Hmm, amber coming out now under that sweet note. It's an amber day! And there's some sage.
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