Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Okay. So. This is the point in the move where I get completely nonfunctional, due to the blend of

a) unexpected stuff (Elayna-wise)
b) emotional impact of leaving a place I've spent five years in a love-hate relationship with
c) staring down the clock

and, new for this move, my physical brokenness.

Everything will get done. I know it will - I can actually look around me and see progress and know that things can be accomplished by deadline (though unexpectedly losing an entire day, like I did today, is impact-y).

But it's at the cost of my sanity. Temporarily, at least. I can't concentrate on anything, and I feel ready to snap.

So be gentle with the Shadesong, please. At times I will need cuddling. At times I will need to be left entirely alone.

...I can't think to finish this post.

A week from right now, I'll be in a U-Haul, probably somewhere around North Carolina.
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