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This is when I wish I had a cell phone. So I could be on hold with two places at once. *disgusted pfft*

More places need to run via e-mail rather than phone.

Me: "Hi, I'm moving, and I need my medical records."

Clinic: "Okay, you can fax a request..."

Me: "I don't have a fax machine."

Clinic: "..."

Me: "..."

Clinic: "...I don't know how else you could get them. Hold on a second."

Me: *is on hold again*

Clinic: "Okay. You could mail in a request? Or you could drop by."

Me: "I have an appointment tomorrow, actually."

Clinic: "Okay. Just tell them you want your records."

Me: "What's the turnaround time on that?"

Clinic: "About two weeks."

Me: "..."

Clinic: "They have to copy them."

Me: "Okay. Can they get the records of *all* the [Coca-Cola U] doctors I've seen? Or just those at the Clinic?"

Clinic: "Oh, you can get all of 'em. Just tell them that."

So. Two weeks. Dammit. I wish I'd thought to call earlier. The bright part, however, is that this is apparently one-stop shopping - that I don't have to run all over campus.

Now I have to go be on hold with Radiology (I want a copy of my MRI films - I have a copy of my previous set), then moving companies.

EDIT: Radiology can put all of my stuff on CD. Brain, back, all my MRIs. On CD. I don't have to haul around massive packages of films.


We live in the future!
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