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Friday the 13th!

Today is Friday the 13th, a phrase which here means "avoid all bookstores for fear of encountering The End, by Lemony Snicket, which you should avoid reading at all costs".

Happy birthday to rustymarble!

Still in bunches of pain, and planning to take it somewhat easy today.

Finish filing. This is now an attainable goal.
Post signs for yard sale.

Price this stuff.

Get Kires's absolute timing info so I can contract movers to load/unload.
Make easy breakdown of Elayna's to-do list re: packing. (Packing your whole room is overwhelming. Doing two bookshelves, or one toy bin, is less so, and gives you something concrete you can check off a list.)

Daily Science
Using DNA testing, scientists have discovered what is believed to be the first terrestrial mammal found in Europe in decades: a mouse with a big head, ears, eyes and teeth that lives in a mountainous area of Cyprus.

He's so cute!!!

Daily BPAL
Got a CnS for my Inquisition! Yay!

Chaos Theory III: CXLIII
In bottle: Gorgeous. Dark-fruity - juicy.

On me: I just want to sink my teeth into me. Oh, yum. There's some plum in there, and another fruit that I cannot place, like something I smelled long ago. A hint of musk. Some floral, but just a little. Delicious!

Friday Memeage!
Hello Kitty sweatshirt and jeans, plain black panties and bra.

Woe! Having finished the fifth Warriors book, I am between books!

Elayna and I are still reading So You Want to be a Wizard.

Elayna has a concert tomorrow morning. I have volunteered to chaperone. We have to be there by 7:30. *wince* But this will be her only concert with this band. No way can I miss it.

Our house (e-mail for directions)
8 AM to 2 PM
Tomorrow, Saturday 10/14!

If you see anything you like in the above pic, let use know and we'll set it aside for you. Furniture! Girl Scout cookies! Toys, clothes, books - come buy our stuff!
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