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Buy my clothes!

This is all dresses and business suits, and the infamous leather/suede suit. I photographed things as best I could, but they don't look near as good on the hanger as they do on a person. Which is why I was trying to get them photographed on me. But the camera died. And I don't have time for this stuff.

You guys get first dibs on this stuff. I'll ship any of this and the goblets and champagne flutes from the previous post; furniture is, of course, locals-only.

Sizes range from 0 to 8P.

Dove grey Alyn Paige skirt suit. Size 3/4. Polyester, but feels sumptuous. Dry-clean only.

Skirts like whoa! Short to knee-length. All Victoria's Secret. The embroidered one is size 0 and 100% silk; the other two are XS and rayon/poly/spandex. I wore the red one twice, never wore the other two.

You can't tell from the photos, but this nips in to hug the waist, then has a bit of flare. I took the second pic to show the hidden pockets. I love pockets. This is by Rampage, size 3. It has some yellowish discoloration on the inside of the collar, but that's not visible when you're wearing it.

Simple little dress. That's camera flare, not a stain. This is by In Charge, cotton, size S.

Look! Elayna's helping! This is a two-piece skirtsuit (obviously) by Wrapper, size Small.

"I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket..." Well, that's what this is. Or, rather, a short sleeveless dress and a long one-button flyaway jacket. Sexy mad scientist. By Jonathan Martin, juniors-size 5.

Long flowy dress with lacing in the back. By Joule, size Small.

Terrible pic of a lovely dress. Cranberry silk (darker than it looks in the pic) with a notched collar. Patrick Petite, size 2P.

Elayna is standing behind this dress to show you how much is can flare. Ties in the back. I *heart* adjustable sizing. By All That Jazz, size 3/4. Label is tattered, but dress is in perfect condition.

This suit is beautiful. It is also impossible to potograph well. See? I tried!

The jacket is size Medium; the pants are 8P. I don't know why the sizing is like that, as they are part of the same suit. 100% leather, from Alfani Petite. Worn once.
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