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Buy our stuff!!

This will be the furniture and stuff post, and then there will be a clothing post.

Pictures beneath of 3 desks, 2 chests of drawers, 1 end table that represents another end table and a coffee table, 1 of the three wire DVD racks, 2 comforters/duvets (one with a matching shelf), pewter Celtic-knotwork goblets, pewter-and-glass champagne flutes (dragons that interlock to make a heart), and a Lenox platter. Not necessarily in that order. I've been up photographing stuff and doing laundry since 6 AM.


Elayna's. Everything on it is going to be sold Saturday; speak up if interested in any of it.


Mine. It has an open part on the left side where I kept binders.



This is an end table. There is another end table that goes with this. And a coffee table. Which is oval.

This also shows the table. And the DVD rack. There are three DVD racks.

Bedding and Accessories

Classic Pooh Four Seasons comforter. Crib-size, I'm pretty sure. Should open it up and see. It might be twin-size.

Flowers and happy bugs! This is twin-size.

This is a shelf. With wee heart-shaped knobs for to hang wee coats and purses.


Pewter goblets. I'm seeing these go for $50 on eBay.

Dragon flutes. These are $125 new from Fellowship Foundry, and have never been used.

Lenox platter.
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