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Odin's Day

Yesterday wasn't heavy in exertion, save for the comic boxes, so the pain is mild today. It lies in wait!

Daily Science
Neuroscience art, and the Biomedical Image Awards! Pretty pretty.

Daily BPAL
Pink Phoenix: Silliness in the extreme. Vanilla bean, honeycomb, sugared pear, sweet pea and a dribble of strawberry.

In bottle: Sugar candy whoa!

On me: This morphs a bit while staying with its original sugar candy whoa. The strawberry is predominant, with a cotton-candy smell - the chemical I get from most floral, maybe? The sweet pea surfacing? The vanilla blends with the strawberry; the honeycomb sweetens things, rather than parading on its own. This is candy.

Alone: A hectic, frenzied pinpoint in desolation: booming, bleak, and dark with the horror of loneliness and reluctant solitude. Patchouli and cardamom with bright mandarin, labdanum, muguet, red sandalwood, angelica and gardenia. </i>

In bottle: Spicy with patchouli.

On me: Spicy! I pick up something I recognize from Bengal. Bengal must have cardamom. Between this and Phantom Calliope, I can safely say that I freakin' love cardamom, and Alone is redolent with it! I'd tried this at a Meet & Sniff and found it to be a gorgeous forest. Turns out that's the drydown. Wet, Alone is spicy. This makes me happy. :)

And for no particular reason, I give to you a list of Elayna's BPAL:
Bottles (partial): Chimera, Dragon's Bone, Dragon's Milk
Imps: Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo, Chimera, Dragon's Hide, Empyreal Mist, Le Serpent Qui Danse, Miskatonic University

I'm not swapping right now, because I am just too damn busy, but in future: If you want something from my swaplist and you don't have anything on my wishlist, feel free to offer things Elayna might like! She likes sweet scents, light scents. She'd also love more Ars Draconis.

Now I go pack.
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