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Afternoon miscellany

* Reading the reviews of the Trick or Treat scents on the forum is making me all whimpery. I did enter into the Inquisition. And pled Trick, of course. :) Was hoping for Trick #1, but someone compared Trick #2 to my beloved Storyville, so I'd love that! I'd also love to try Treat #2, but think Treat #1 sounds too pink and sugary.

I cannot afford to enter another plea. Not at all. The next five days will be torturous, knowing that I *can* whip out the credit card and get more, but that I am not allowed to. It'll be easier when they're no longer available. I'll just have to hope people sell them at not-outrageous prices.

And dammit, some info on the Pumpkin Queen component issue would be nice. I'd like to know whether I need to give them my new address. (And it would be nice if they gave extra frimpage to people whose orders were held up by this.)

* Went to liquor store. Got about a dozen boxes. Yay me!

* Did a chunk of filing. Found all the scattered ownership-of-my-car stuff, which is Of The Good.

* Discovered that yes, comic boxes are too heavy for fibro'song to lift.

* Requested estimate from Gentle Giant movers (thanks for the unanimous recommendations, guys!). They want a $200 nonrefundable deposit. Nyerk. *fusses* "Our hourly rate on 10/25 is $139/hr which includes the cost for 2 movers. We do have a 2-hour minumum, with any time thereafter pro-rated to the nearest quarter hour. Therefore, you would be charged at least $278. Providing that the access is good at the new location, we estimate the items that you need moved could take 2 movers 2-4 hours. Final charges are based on the actual time and materials required to complete this move."

*is frozen in budgetary 'splosion*

People who've used them - are they okay with people jumping in and working alongside them? Or are they like "No! This is our job!" to get maximum money? Because if the former, I could maybe see doing this - I can carry some boxes, and even bookcases (half) and bed parts, and I have a bunch of y'all coming over, so we could get it done in two hours, maybe. And just... we can haul boxes and bookcases and CD towers, and let them do the sofa and dressers. Yeah? *frets*

* Shayara bits I posted weren't written today, incidentally; just stuff that jumped out in the filing process. (When not this stressed, I write all the time, everywhere, on everything, so I have quite the collection of story snippets on napkins, hotel scratchpads, et cetera.)

Okay. Gonna check the mail again (still not here), and then do some more filing. Sanely breaking that into chunks.

EDIT: Mail included... maybe all of my outstanding swaps/purchases, save the Lab/Trading Post orders. Yay! EDIT: Also save the CD decants, which I knew weren't done being decanted yet, and the Halloweenie/OoTD decants, which are hung up at the Lab because the order includes Pumpkin Queen.
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