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Just in case my situation and posts haven't made this amply clear...

I am a tangly hyper soppy amazed stressed emotional mess right now.

I have been holding the "Yes we are going to Boston, yes it WILL HAPPEN" thing in place for over a year, supporting everyone's faith, plowing through all sorts of barriers, and omigawds it finally happened and I can release the iron determination that carried a whole raft of people and oh hells I am so tired and ach, there is so much to do and I'm the one who has to do 90% of it, and y'know, Atlanta is not entirely evil and this is a huge, huge change, not just a physical shift but an emotional one, and I may never see some of these people again, and I have to learn a new place now, and omigawds the packing, and it's too much...

So. Yeah. Expect bursts of joy and bursts of tears and bursts of hard determination. Expect to have to sit me down and make me take breaks, because my mind is racing and my body is trying to keep up, and messages aren't quite making it between the two. Please don't expect anything from me for the next two weeks, communication or projects or anything, because what I have on my plate is a job for three, four, people - healthy people - and it's just me here, and it has to get done, so all I can do is work work work and try not to break myself in the process.

And... yeah. That's where I am right now.
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