Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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*falls over*

Today I have:

* packed most of my basement office
* packed a bunch of Elayna's clothings
* packed almost all the clothes in my primary closet
* moved all of the complete/sealed boxes that were in my room out of my room, merging them with the rest of the boxen
* did yard sale laundry (two loads)
* did our laundry
* found new comforter for Elayna
* contacted Boston Girl Scout Council to get Elayna into a troop
* researched the hell out of Watertown
* did dishes
* napped (about an hour and a half)

So, y'know, this is why I've not been terribly posty.

*stretch* *wince*

Now I go forth to see what cosmetic-sample stuff I can donate to bpalanonymous. And get together other things that will be leaving our house by mail rather than moving truck.

I need more boxes.
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