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Help needed

The only sucky thing about kires driving the U-Haul? His "weekend" is during the week.

So we'll be hitting Boston on Wednesday the 25th, and need the truck unloaded then and the morning of the 26th - we get it for five days, but Kires is leaving (via plane) on the 26th, and I sure can't drive that thing!

And most of y'all have day jobs.


So. This is an early call - so those of you who want to help and have flexibility in your schedules can arrange something. The big things are the wall unit and the sofa and loveseat, both only going up one flight; the beds dismantle to the point where I can carry most of the components of Elayna's bed myself, so it doesn't matter so much that they're going up two. Hrm. Dressers. Dressers are problematic, but not too problematic. There are a lot of bookcases, but most of them are light/cheap/flimsy enough that I can be one of the two people toting them. The library may get assembled by the time the rest of y'all get here. *laugh*

So. Yes. Please to help. Pizza and beer (or beverage of choice) will be provided, as is customary for all moves. Thank you!
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