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Hello to new reader skatche!

Predictable levels of pain and stiffness. Have been going to bed super-early, too.

Daily Boston
The house is in Watertown. It's less than half a mile from Elayna's middle school... and from there, less than half a mile to the bus stop that gets us to Adam's work or to Harvard Square. :) It's the top two floors of a three-story house; the owners live on the first floor, and so have a vested interest in maintaining the house! Everything is newly renovated and shiny. :) When I get there and do my first walk-through, I'll do a total description, but - Adam says that it has the sort of unusual layout that we love, that you can get to places more than one way, meandering through. We *heart* that.

mgrasso: "I'm worried about all those stairs, if you're having a bad pain day..."
Me: "When it's that bad, I don't leave the house."

My office is on the same floor as my bedroom. We can put a little coffeepot in it. Got all I need right there. :)

Daily Science
Huge loops of gas – similar to those found on the Sun – have been found soaring above the galactic plane near the centre of the Milky Way, a new study reveals.

The tube-like structures may be responsible for the formation of giant star clusters near the galaxy's centre and also might be behind the region's mysteriously powerful magnetic field.

Daily BPAL
ysabel sent me Death of Sardanapal! *dances. And it is like whoa. Like so:

The Death of Sardanapal: Red wine, gurjum balsam, dark myrrh, honey, cassia, lemongrass, palmarosa, elemi, cognac and olibanum.

In bottle: Honeyed cognac and red wine. *swoon*

On me: Oh wow. On me this is something thick and rich and luscious. The resins intertwine with those intoxicating topnotes to make something complex and gorgeous and sweet. I am very in love with this. Definitely in the top ten! Possibly in the top five. I haven't actually assembled one yet. But it might be up there.
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