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Today was my first baking competition evar! And I placed fourth! And yet I am still excited!

See, there was only a five-point spread between fourth and first, out of a possible 150 points. So my cake did pretty much as well as the top three, which were all fancied up to within an inch of their lives, all garnished like whoa.

(We walk in and see three bundt cakes - piled high with raspberries, garnished with orange zest, et cetera. We look down at my cake, delicious yet plain on its simply blue plate, bubbles in the icing.
Elayna: "Wow. Ours isn't as pretty."
Me: "Yeah. But it tastes great.")

The winning cake was decorated with chocolate leaves and artfully placed berries. Its recipe had undergone five variations over the past week as the baker strove for more and better.

Me, I struggled up out of bed this morning, dealing with crap from two disabilities, and baked mah cake, and got it there on time, despite today being a moderate pain day. And my cake? Only five points lower.

That's a damn good cake. *is proud*

Plus, I've never entered any kind of baking competition before. And I was nervous about doing so, since I am Not A Cook. And I almost chickened out. But I did it, and I'm glad I did. :)

I got a Le Creuset silicone spatula for entering. And there wasn't supposed to be a prize for fourth, but it was so close and the judges liked the cake so much, we got one anyway - a cute funky Koziol cake knife with birthday candle holders and candles. And Elayna and I got our pictures taken for Decatur eLife. So altogether, I am beaming. :)

While we were at the festival, Adam called, walking us through the new house. It seems that this is a three-bedroom, two-office, two-full-bath "apartment", with a balcony, and heated floor in the second-story bathroom. And Elayna gets her own staircase. This is freakin' amzing. And he has the keys now. And I am so excited. :)
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