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What a day, man. It almost feels like three days.

I'll set this one out right now so we can have a nice rest of the post: I had some really emotional stuff today. I had an incredibly difficult triggery conversation - a situation I'd hoped to not deal with, frankly. I handled it with grace, I feel, and I stuck to my guns. And ended up tearful and shaky a bit later, and had to recount it, and altogether was Dealing With It in one form or another for most of the day. But it's over. And I don't have to dread it anymore. Because it's over.


Today was a big busy day for both Adam and me... I was packing, and he was house-hunting. And he found the house. The House. Adam sez: "We're going to have a real wood-burning fireplace. And skylights. And hardwood floors. And new appliances (including washer and dryer). And central heat. And a short walk to the commuter rail. And lots of other stuff."

So yeah. :) We have a house. :)

ydnic and harkalark and Elayna and I make a mean packing team. Little overwhelmed me said, at the beginning of the day, "Okay. I think the first thing I need to to just get the yard sale stuff organized." Because it was just a mess of precarious towering stacks and heaps all over the library. And everyone said "Okay." And it got done. And once that was neat and tidy, there was room to move, and we were in the swing of things.

We packed a lot. Majorly a lot. I feel that a sizable dent has been made, and more will be made tomorrow, after the festival.

Today was so long. And I am so tired. And I'm going to bed as soon as harkalark gets back from the store.

We have a house. :)
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