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things accomplished

Hotel room obtained
Ride obtained

Got plane tickets for Adam and Elayna
Consolidated stuffed animals to free a book box
Misc. small packing bits
Purchased labels and neon signs for yard sale
Got a bunch of boxes at the liquor store

Ran dishwasher
Grocery shopping

Dropped Lyrica prescription off at CVS prior to driving Adam to the MARTA station. Returned after grocery shopping.
"Oh, there ees a problem."
"Um. What?"
"The insurance company will not cover it. They need more authorization from your doctor. I called you, I left a message."
Well, I wasn't home, you daft bitch. Which you know, because when I turned in the prescription, you asked if I was staying, and I said "No, I'm going grocery shopping," and you asked when I'd be back, et cetera. "This is not a new medication. You filled a prescription for this same medication last month."
"But the amount is different, so the insurance company will not cover it without your doctor's authorization. We called the doctor, left a message."
The amount is not different. It's 100mg pills instead of 50mg, but it's the same amount of medication, just fewer pills, so I only need to take three at a time instead of six. "Okay. Can you just refill my prior prescription? The one you filled last month."
"We cannot without the doctor's authorization."
"Okay. Well. What can we do to get me this medication now."
"We cannot. You can come back on Monday." (Her English is bad, btw.)
*deep breath* "Ma'am. I am epileptic. I am nearly out of this medication. If I do not get it TODAY, I will have seizures. So I am going to stand here. And wait. Til you give me my medication. So I suggest you get back on the phone and sort. this. out."

She flees. I stand. And pace. And level Looks.

She returns. "I can fill your past prescription."
"Thank you."

She fills it. I am overcharged, as per the last time; $90 instead of $22, because "it's not on the formulary", because the insurance company has it listed as a non-preferred drug. Doesn't matter my doctor refuses to prescribe the preferred drug. But anyway.

Add to list of today's accomplishments: Did not punch daft bitch in the face.

Did other stuff today, but I'm really really tired now. So. Time to rest.
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