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Happy birthday to ellen_kushner!

Happy early birthday to thryn, who advances a year over the weekend!

Hello to new reader adrian_turtle!

Ow. Ow. Ow. One of the things about fibro is that is makes you aware of muscles that you were hitherto unaware of. I'm all for learning new things. I just don't like fibro's methods here, which = pain, stiffness, and soreness.

As for brain drugs... the most common side effects of Lyrica are dizziness, sleepiness, dry mouth, swelling of hands and feet, blurry vision, weight gain, and trouble concentrating. I already had so much/many of these from the other drugs that it's hard to tell if I have some of them now - for instance, my brainfog was so thorough on the Trileptal that I may be at 80% capacity now, I may be at 90%, but since I was at about 10% a month ago, everything looks good from here! So that's why I've not been mentioning the brain drugs as much. Give me a bit to settle into them and see if I have any major complaints. But if things continue as they are, and the Lyrica actually controls my seizures? This, I can live with!

Daily Science
One of the most exciting results in biology last year was a possible violation of the most basic rules of genetic inheritance, reported to occur in the lab plant Arabidopsis. If true, it would be an enormous discovery. But in a brief communication published in last week's Nature, a second group reports they were unable to replicate the result, which is generally not a good sign.

Daily BPAL
Dragon's Hide: Flame-kissed, warm, smooth, and highly protective. Dragon’s blood, leather and a hint of smoke.

In bottle: ...bitter. Hm.

On me: Blech! Double blech! I'm not even picking up the leather. Off to Layni it goes. She's a fan of all things Ars Draconis, thanks to nycorson...

The Scales of Deprivation: Thin, dark, and shadowed. A scent that offers no sustenance, comfort or satiety: lemon peel, white sage, frankincense, lavender fougere, sandalwood, vetiver and labdanum.

In bottle: A sweetness, with sage.

On me: Sweet sage and oh, labdanum. Labdanum always works like whoa on me. This was a frimp - I would never have tried something with lemon peel and lavender fougere. That shows me! Neither of them are showing up here. Just sage and labdanum. Which makes for a happy 'song. :)

Friday memeage!
Polka-dot pajamas, still. I'll get dressed later. Adam's taking Elayna to the bus stop, and we have a few hours before I have to take him to the MARTA station.

Santa Steps Out, by Robert Deveraux. Officially the wrongest book ever. This is a re-read; I discovered the book in a pile of papers downstairs and dived in!

Elayna is Reading
Many Waters, by Madeline L'Engle, and So You Want To Be a Wizard, by Diane Duane. She's not nearly as into Many Waters as the others in the series - I think the lack of Charles Wallace irks her. A Wind in the Door was her favorite.
So You Want To Be a Wizard, she didn't want to try; we read at the bus stop, and I pulled it out, and she objected. As she often does to stuff I suggest, because she is becoming a teenager. Anyway. I said, "Give it one day. If you don't like it, we can read something else." I read to her til the bus came, closed the book, looked up at her: "That was amazing!", she said. Yep. Mama's always right. :)

Friday: Taking Adam to the MARTA station and running errands, then packing! Elayna is going to an art gallery opening with a friend tonight - being kidfree for a planned four to five hours, I may go to a movie. What's playing? (EDIT: Oooh, new Tony Jaa!) harkalark will arrive at about the same time Elayna returns, to stay through the weekend. :)

Saturday: Adam is looking at houses in Arlington, Watertown, and Newton. I am dropping Elayna off for Girl Scout Day at a local corn maze, having noisy sex with harkalark in the absence of the child, then packing like a madwoman. ydnic will be over to lend a hand. With the packing. Not the noisy sex. skyra may join us. All are welcome - just let me know you're coming so I know how many pizzas to get! Saturday night, I will collapse.

Sunday: Bakin' a cake! My chocolate bourbon cake, for the Bundt Cake Smackdown in Decatur. I'll be at the festival pretty much all day - they have lots of stuff to do, from the Smackdown to a Dia de los Muertos celebration, crafts, et cetera...

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