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Thor's Day

Did okay yesterday. Napped in the AM, rested from 2-3, and fell asleep at 6, though I shouldn't have done that last one. Pain levels are mild to moderate today.

Men in Skirts!
Buy this calendar! It's men. It's men in skirts. :) It's for charity. It's shot by ragingamazon. It's got sunspiral in it. Go get some. :)

Daily Science
At long last researchers have teleported the information stored in a beam of light into a cloud of atoms, which is about as close to getting beamed up by Scotty as we're likely to come in the foreseeable future. More practically, the demonstration is key to eventually harnessing quantum effects for hyperpowerful computing or ultrasecure encryption systems.

Daily BPAL
White Moon is up - and thankfully, it does not appeal to me. Need to be saving money...

I have no new imps. So I'm going to be testing the bottles Elayna got from fiannaharpar. She said I could. (Dear Elayna: I'm in ur bathroom, testing ur BPAL.)

Dragon's Milk: A truly fae nectar! Dragon's blood resin and honeyed vanilla.

In bottle: Mmmm! Very sweet, but it does not smack me in the face with "OMGvanilla".

On me: The same. It smells a little ambery. Very, very sweet. Very Elayna. :)

Dragon's Bone: The dry, thin scent of a draconic ossuary. Dragon's blood resin with white sandalwood, dusty orris and crisp blondewood.

In bottle: Ooooh, orris!

On me: Oooh, orris! And it's fascinating how this evokes bone. It is, as advertised, very dry. And warm. I've held bones - bones seared dry and brittle in desert sun. This is what they feel like. I wonder if Elayna will like this - she does not have the memory of holding bone, so it'll be just based on the smell for her.
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