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I'd been packing for a while; I stretched out on my bed to rest my back. Flopped over onto my tummy and grabbed the laptop. Spooky, standing on the other side of the bed, laughed at me and my addiction. She continued packing. "This is actually the best time for me to be here," she said. "The weekend before the haunt opens - everything's ahead of schedule there, and I feel very organized."

I grinned - "I'm really glad you're here." - and reached out to her.

Her hand met mine, fingers twining, and she climbed onto the bed. She had that mischievous-yet-shy look, and I pulled her closer -

And the phone rang to wake me up.


It's especially irksome when the dreams are so *real*. You know?

*sigh* I miss her.

(Note to Spooky: You were wearing one of those cute jackets from Newport News that you showed me. Looked adorable on you.)
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