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Just one more post, then I'll stop cluttering your friendslist...

Anyone who's ever been in this position knows that looking for a new job is a huge dreadful long drawn-out process. It's brutal. It's disheartening.

And Adam has soldiered on.

With this, he had a phone interview, then a video interview, then finally in-person interviews. All with multiple people. All grueling - not in dealing with the people, as he's liked and clicked with everyone involved. But grueling in the post-interview fear and self-doubt. And your wife can tell you how much you rock every damn day, but you always fear that she's biased. It doesn't count. Nothing counts til you get that offer.

Adam, as I told you on the phone - but I want it "on paper" - you did it. You did it. No nepotism, no I-know-a-guy - you did this entirely by yourself.

They interviewed dozens of people. And you were absolutely, positively, the best man for the job.

And you're the best man I know.

You did it.

I love you.

(I told you so. :) )

Go congratulate my amazing husband. :)
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