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From the forum:

All orders containing Pumpkin Queen are temporarily held up because of component issues. As soon as this changes I'll post another announcement.

Yeah. Guess what the one scent I was ordering unsniffed in my Order of Doom was?

Pumpkin Queen.

*falls to knees* "KHAAAAAAAAAAN!!!"

*pant* *pant* *glares at curious pedestrians*

That's Black Moon Rising (the descriptions of Schwartzer Mond are driving me crazy!), Pumpkin Queen, Devil's Night, Samhain, The Black Tower, and an imp pack. My gift to myself for going through the hospital shit.


On another BPAL track...

Adam: "Mmm, you smell nice. What are you wearing?"

Me: "Cockaigne." Same as this morning. And yesterday.

Adam: "Huh. There's definitely a tobacco component to it."

Me: *sniffs wrist skeptically*

Adam: "Or something to do with old books."

Me: "Huh. Well, it is based on a land of plenty concept. Heaven. Honey cakes, sex..... and ydnic said it would make sense for everyone's paradise to smell different. So your paradise is a library."

I am unsurprised that Adam's idea of paradise is a library. I just find it fascinating how different people find different things in this scent.
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