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There is such a thing as being too packratty.

For example: I know what Elayna had for lunch six years ago today. Circled on the school lunch menu. Kindergarten.

Turkey sandwich, if you care.


...and now I can't get up. The laptop's been on the bed being an expensive boombox as I've been doing this, and I had to lie down to type this, and now the cat is standing on my butt.

I am catted.

It's amusing... Adam and I chose cats that are the opposite of our selves, yet that epitomize each other. Jack is crazy hyper and super-affectionate and will jump on your butt whenever given the opportunity. Max is quiet and snuggly and knows when I need him most and stays by me.

Hey, cat off my butt! Back to the piles of preschool drawings. Boxes full of "I love my mommy" in fingerpaint and sparkles; years of poster-paint handprints. I can't throw any of this away.

Okay, the lunch menus can go.
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