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Anyway, I had a wonderful day - mostly pain-free, thanks to massage! ydnic and I roamed Decatur, hitting all my favorite spots - I picked up some cute stuff at Two Stix, including a ring that really makes my typing finger happy. It is an adorable silly fussy retro confection of pearls, aventurine, and amethyst. I have so many things that a purely functional that it's a nice change to wear something fun. :)

Oh! And we enabled the owner. When we walked in, she perked up - "What's that wonderful smell?" It was Cockaigne. She now has the URL for BPAL. :)

I smell pretty! I told ydnic, "It's the same principle as babies being cute so their parents don't kill them. I smell pretty so people won't kill me."

Anyway, yes. :) That, then a visit to Taste so I could register for the Bundt Cake Smackdown, then JavaMonkey for iced chai! and hummus plate!, then Jake's for chocolate marshmallow and honey fig ice cream!

Yes, I am stuffed full to 'sploding.

And then home, to play Apples to Apples with Miss Kid, and watch Eureka, and play Apples to Apples some more. And now ydnic is gone, and Elayna's in the shower, and Adam and I are on our computers, and soon I fall over go boom.

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