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Happy birthday to lanthinel, who advances a year over the weekend!

About the same today as yesterday. Which is a good thing. Yesterday, I was able to manage the stairs again. Today, I attempt grocery shopping!

Daily Science
An experiment to reconstruct the deadly 1918 flu virus has given a new insight into how the infection took hold.

Daily BPAL
Today's theme - unimpables!

Binah (Sephiroth)

In bottle: Sweet and resinous.

On me: Very unusual! I wish I was better at identifying notes. I have no idea what this smells like. There's something here that's been at the base of other scents, a deep sticky brown. A sweetness overlays it. This is a very dense scent. I like it. Mmm - rounds off into something golden.

Swadhisthana - sacral chakra

In bottle: Chemical-y.

On me: a little bit musky and a lotta floral. Blech. (This was just a sniffie, so it's not up for swap on its own - I'll frimp it with something.)

Friday memeage!
Hello Kitty sweatshirt that the kid is eyeing now that she fits some of my clothes. Jeans. Plain purple panties. No socks yet.

Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

Elayna is Reading
A Swiftly Tilting Planet. :)

Going through the house and getting rid of stuff. A whole bunch of stuff is going up on eBay and Craigslist this weekend. Mostly Craigslist, we think, so's to avoid packing a bunch of stuff up and lugging it to the post office. I have pewter wedding goblets that seem to be consistently going for $50 on eBay, I have designer Barbies, I have mint action figures like whoa - let's see how much of this junk is treasure.

That's it. It'll take the whole weekend.

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