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I have been down in the basement going through my filing cabinet. Revisiting stuff I wrote when I was fourteen, fifteen. There are scraps of good writing here and there, but mostly it's cringeworthy. Interesting to revisit, though.

The songs.

Oh, the songs.

Yes. I used to write songs. And they were all really, really bad. Half Lita Ford, half Diane Warren; clearly I didn't know if I wanted to rock out or croon ballads. Oh, man, that stuff is dreadful.

But y'know what? I could probably sell it all to American Idol. *laugh* It would be right up their alley.

Next file - poetry.

Specifically, speed poetry.

One of the things crystal meth does is make you really, really prolific. I would sit at my typewriter for 48 hours straight, churning out poem after poem after story after poem.

They all sucked, mind you. But there were lots of them.

*shakes head*

Will go look at stories after my nap. So tired. I leave you with one fragment I liked...

It used to take a virgin sacrifice, you know -
now it just takes a heart.
Oh, any heart -
grind them down enough and they're all the same.
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