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Okay, remember how I was taking Celebrex for my tendonitis because other anti-inflammatories cause ulcers, and I already had one? And Celebrex affects the heart? So at some points, I had to double the dosage of Toprol because my heart was getting wacky again because of the Celebrex?

From The Week:

"Gastroenterologist Dr. Michael Wolfe was asked by JAMA in 2000 to review a clinical study of Celebrex, an arthritis drug made by the pharmaceutical giant Pharmacia. Arthritis patients often develop intestinal problems from the drugs they take. But according to the study Wolfe reviewed, patients who took Celebrex for six months had lower rates of stomach and intestinal ulcers than patients who took two other drugs. Impressed, Wolfe wrote a favorable review. But neither he nor JAMA knew that Pharmacia actually had 12 months of data, and that in that longer time frame, there was virtually no difference in the rate of ulcers between Celebrex and the two other drugs. "I am furious," Wolfe told The Washington Post. "I look like a fool." The 16 researchers involved in the Celebrex study knew Pharmacia had 12 months of data, but did not disclose that. All 16 were Pharmacia employees or consultants."

Right. So. I have heart problems, and I endangered my heart (Celebrex is known to fuck with the heart) because they lied and said this stuff wouldn't aggravate my ulcer. At the time, we'd just discovered the ulcer, and that giving me Prilosec might help me put some weight on. At the time, I was about 85-87 pounds. So the weight was deemed to be a higher priority, survivalwise.

But the damn Celebrex was no better or worse for the ulcer than anything else would've been.

So. Yeah. Where does the line for the class-action suit form?

(Unrelated: I type faster off Trileptal. Huh.)

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