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A note

...if only for medical reasons...

Still recovering from this weekend's activity level. I need to find a balance - figure out where that magical invisible line is, so I can keep my activity level under it.

Problem is, it moves...

So, yes. My record. I am exhausted. Just woke up from a nap, and may be going back to bed. Very bleary. Limbs feel heavy. This may also be related to dialing up on the Lyrica.

Huge problem for me:

With fibro? Sex hurts. And not in the happy fun way.

I am... athletic in bed, let's say. *laugh* I do not just lie there. I am a very, very active participant. Unfortunately, this results in overstressing my muscles/body... in the missionary position, the pain starts at my lower back and flows up my back, around to clutch my belly and ribs. From behind? Starts at the hips, flows down the legs.

The first time this happened, I was not anticipating it. We'd started in the missionary position. When the pain began, I tried to tough it out, then requested a position change, which brought us to from-behind, which brought the other pain. And that was when I collapsed into tears, all "OMG something else I love has been taken from me". Fortunately, my partner was very understanding and soothing.

Now, I'm better about this. I'm still upset about it, mind, but I'm better able to handle things now that I'm expecting them.

So yeah. I had a lot of great sex this weekend, and now my whole body hurts, and will for a few days hence. Is it worth it? Yeah. Fibro sucks. I'm going to have pain whether I have orgasms or not, so I may as well have the orgasms, you know?

Now I'm going to see if a hot bath helps, because I really need to get to the writing...
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