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Life with 'song and Adam

Adam and I are discussing sexual experimentation.

Adam: "I'll try new things. I just need to be convinced."

'song: "I will convince you with my flogger!"

Adam: "No, see, that's circular logic."

'song: "Cane?"

Adam: "Not unless it's sugar, and we get to eat it afterward."

'song, making a face: "I'm not eating it after it's been there."

Adam, after a brief recovery period: "Honey? Just because I like weird things, doesn't mean everything weird is my kink."

'song: "Pfft. You want to wrap me in bacon."

Adam: "Well, that's different. That's bacon."

'song: "I'm not sticking bacon Up There."

Adam: "Well, no. But, like - a bacon bra."

'song: *gigglefit*

Adam: "I should patent that."

'song: "You totally should."

Adam: "I have no idea how to go about that."

'song: *makes typy motions* "You go to, register"

Adam: "No - I have no idea how to make a bacon bra."

'song. "Oh. Well, you weave the bacon..." *moves arms towards each other, hands at angles, fingers spread* "This is the international symbol for 'weave the bacon', by the way."

Adam: "Uh-huh."

'song: "Well, yeah. That. You just weeeaaave the bacon." *repeats bacon-weaving movement*

Adam: "And any bras that don't work, I get to eat!"

'song: "I'm going to post this now."

Adam: "No one will believe you."

'song: "Yuh-huh."

Adam: "Right. It's bacon. They will believe you."
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