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Happy birthday to rhiannonhero!

Hello to new readers anansi133, kuangning, noiresque, totallysirius, and returning reader __pandorapanic! (Huh! Did I do something interesting and not notice?)

Continued proof that I'm too athletic in bed for my own good - fibro pain following sex again. *sigh* harkalark scolded me for pushing my body to maybe do more than it should, but I told him I'd rather have the pleasure and find out later that I have to pay for it than not have the pleasure at all, or have less of it. Which may not be good for me, as a general attitude, but I don't believe in doing anything halfway.

Neuro-wise... still waiting to find out when I'm getting the ambulatory EEG. Must call them today, if they don't call me first. Medwise, I'm still doing okay on the Lyrica - dizziness, but I can deal with that. Still a few balance issues. But no brainfog, or at least so little that I barely notice it after the Trileptal.

Blog Monies
If you have not received the official invite from, please comment here - I want to present the guy with a list! And yeah, the site is really unwieldly. I suggest sending in bug reports and suggestions with your activity reports.

Boston folks!
Shop at Pandemonium! They're struggling a bit. Give them your monies.

Daily Science
Videos of gross anatomy dissections. :) Half of you will shudder in disgust; half of you will go "oh, cool!"

Daily BPAL
Le Serpent Qui Danse: A sinister, darkly seductive scent inspired by poetry of Charles Baudelaire. Violet entwined with vanilla and gardenia.

In bottle: Chemical floral.

On me: Hm. Much less chemical. The vanilla mutes the flowers. ...then gardenia wells up, and... not me. Elayna likes it, though, and is tucking it into her BPAL box as we speak. :) Later: Violet's asserting itself now. Pretty, but not me.

Lampades: Their scent is the crisp, inviting bittersweet tang of cranberry with smoky dark lilies, heady, sensual musk, a tingle of ginger and a brush of Mediterranean spices.

In bottle: I wouldn't have said cranberry - I'd've said pomegranate, at first sniff. But then the cranberry asserts itself.

On me: This is a gorgeous blend. :) Musky, with the berry and ginger peeking out, and just a slight mist of lily. Not getting any spices; maybe I'll get 'em later in the drydrown... this is a juicy smell. :) EDIT: And on the drydown, it's single-note cranberry. :( If it doesn't get past this phase, it'll hit the swap pile.

More organized thoughts on Carnaval DiaboliqueCollapse )
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