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I hate having to be the hardass with Elayna. This kid's my little buddy. I love the hell out of this kid. And she is nifty and fun and kind and has these dazzling flashes of maturity - like not being upset that she got fourth chair "because it means that I'm with people on my skill level." She viewed that as challenge, not defeat. So I must be doing something right. (And at a 97% average between the two seating tests that determined Elayna's placement... those other three kids *are* really good, to beat that.)

But she has a real problem with organization - and that's hitting her grades. To the point that I'm now giving her extra bonus homework, and her TV time has gone away for a week. New rules have been instituted - if she fails to turn something in, it's another day of no TV. Et cetera.

Organization tips are welcome.

To her credit, she took it without bitching. Did all the work she could do without her textbook, and will bring her textbook home tomorrow to do the rest. Understands the punishment.

I just hate having to be the hardass. *sigh*

She's going to play Mozart for me now.

EDIT: I love hearing her play. But she was given a Mozart medley with lots of high notes, and the high notes are piercing my brain.

She rocks the flute, though, y0.
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