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The drought is over! :) Bottles of F5 and Mum Moon, imps of Cockaigne and Caliban, and frimps of Manila, Le Serpent Qui Danse, Hymn, and my beloved Black Tower. Full reviews to come starting tomorrow. Mini-reviews:

F5: Citrus death in the bottle, settles to seaspray/mint on skin. Yay, it works on me!

Mum Moon: Gorgeous ginger musk with dusty flowers. This is the staircase in the Shayara apocrypha The Killing Game. *blink* *blink* Rhyssa and her needles and creepy dolls. I know that makes sense to no one but me. Roll with it.

Caliban: Never has anything been so green!

Cockaigne: Foodylicious OMG. I actually tipped back in my chair, breathing it in, going "Ummm..." I'm in love.
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