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Adam is off to the airport.

I do not like being alone.

But it is for a good cause. *nod*

Goals for this week in Adam's absence: get all the damn filing done, and write, write, write! I owe y'all a Shayara primer. (Reminder: Donate to RAINN, if you haven't yet!) And I have a few other writing projects that I'm giving myself a deadline on.

And I need to get caught up on e-mail and LJ comments. And need to call my neuro's office to set up the ambulatory EEG (called - paperwork in limbo - they'll call me back (hypothetically)), and the county's rape crisis center to see when their fall training starts.

People with fibro and/or other chronic pain issues - what helps you with your pain and stiffness? I'm having a bad day in that regard.

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