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BPAL withdrawal

I am in new-imp withdrawal. *fusses* And I keep stalking the forums and communities and pondering buying imp packs just to have new shinies to try. But. I can't afford it. I must save my pennies for the Trick or Treat Inquisition*. I must have that first Trick scent. And really, I'd love any of 'em (save the hard-candy one), but I'm not blowing $200 on this; I'll have to be satisfied with decants of the others.

And I know I have new imps coming next Sunday from nycorson. And I have an order of Misk U coming in the mail from a friend-of-a-friend that will likely have frimps (since he said he was held up waiting for empty imp vials). And my Mum Moon, F5, and imps of Caliban and Cockaigne should hopefully get here this week (ordered 8/10 and still waiting for the CnS).

But it's been a while since I had new pretties, and I am jonesing. *fret*

(* If you are moved to give me an expensive present, you can be my Trick or Treat sugar daddy/mama.)

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