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Not long after I posted that, our favorite nurse came in with the Trileptal and Lyrica. I sighed about how much I didn't want to get back on the Trileptal. She said, "You don't have to take it if you don't want to."

I blinked. "Will that affect my release?"

We discussed. She called the doctor who wrote the order. Said doctor came in, and we talked (about a bunch of related stuff, too); she didn't feel comfortable discontinuing the Trileptal, wanted to leave it in my neuro's hands. I said okay, I understood. She left, and left me determined to follow upon my already-stated course.

And then she came back.

She called my neuro. My neuro says fine, just take the Lyrica.


So that's where we are.

I'm even more impatient now than when I didn't know when I was getting out, I think. Very antsy. C'mon, you don't need to observe me overnight! I can go home! Please?

...I miss my cats.

I want ice cream.

I want a nice long bath.

Free the 'song!
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