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Scenes like one of the ones I wrote last night are why I write comics, why I prefer them to prose. This particular scene was a character's miscarriage. The mild shock she goes into when she sees blood. Calling for a healer. Processing it. It's written right now as prose and dialogue, but it would work best as a few silent pages of the comic. Think about the use of silence and shock on the Buffy episode "The Body", for example. It's more effective than a constant internal narrative, in some cases.

The ideal version in my head has just two lines of dialogue, just at the end; everything else is body language, facial expressions.

In nonwriterly news, still no absence seizures; they said they wanted to check out my myoclonic jerks, so I pushed the button to mark a set this morning.

My nurse says I can maybe nap this afternoon. Which is probably not-good for the goal of stressing my body, but good for my state of mind and for the fibro...

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