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Yay! Hospital's got wifi!

* I am in room G338. Do not visit or call yet. :) They don't have the leads on me yet. Yes, I've been here four hours and we've barely gotten started! I have my IV port in, I've had blood drawn, I've been processed like whoa.

* Everyone is very nice. My smile and eyes have been complimented. I have been startled!

* I have reassuring info about the chance of status epilepticus. Apparently the brain starts spiking weirdly and distinctively before status starts, so they can get in and nip it in the bud. Most times.

* They generally want about five seizures. There are cases where one is enough; there are cases where you have to be in two weeks. But generally it's no longer than a week, and can be as brief as three to four days.

* They've started by cutting my Lyrica completely, and halving my Trileptal. I had the uneasy shift in my stomach looking at that half-pill of Trileptal.

* It is now 1 PM, and my head is bristling with electrodes. *inspects new 'do* Medusa like whoa. Spooky will have to fix my hair when she gets here. Which should probably be in about an hour.

* Lunch = baked ziti, veggies, and potato soup. They neglected my roll. Adam ate the salad and cherry cobbler.

* "We'll want you to be up out of bed as much as possible, to prevent blood clots. So we don't have to keep you in the blood-clot boots."

"Well, if I get fancy boots..."

"Oh, they just massage your feet."

"You're not talking me *out* of this, you realize."

Humor = my defense mechanism.

* Elayna gave me a tiny stuffed white tiger to keep me company. The tiger's name is Kisa, like in Fruits Basket. *loves Elayna*

All in all, I'm in pretty good spirits so far. Because, y'know, my brain's not melting yet. That'll be later tonight or tomorrow. They're sleep-depping me. Yeah. So, uh, let me know if you're generally up at 4 AM, and I'll meet you on AIM!

...and you can visit me now.

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