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Life with the Gojirawitzes

'song finds a massive grammar fuckup on a site that should know better, and points it out to Adam and Elayna, who are properly horrified. The crowd disperses.

Adam, in his office: "Where'd you find that?"

'song: "[Site]." 'song putters around for a bit, then gets suspicious. "Wait a minute. You can't blog that! It's my Daily Science for tomorrow! You'll spoil it!"

Adam: "This isn't science. It's grammar."

'song: "But it's in my Daily Science."

Adam: "Okay, well, you can blog about the science, but not the grammar."

'song: "It's mine! I found it! I showed you!"

Adam: "But it's not science."

Elayna: "It is science. It's biology. Biology is the study of life and living things."

Adam: "Yes, but there's grammar there, too."

Elayna: "It's science."

'song: "Yeah."

Adam: "Okay, well - I get to blog about it, too. I already have a subject line."

'song, mollified: "Okay. After I post it."

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