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Hospital Stuffs

This post will remain at the top of my LJ until I get out of the hospital.

It's a post by request, as I post a lot and details of the hospital stay can get lost between cute Elayna stories and BPAL reviews. :) It'll be updated as I get more information (like my room number).

I will be at Emory University Hospital for five to seven days, starting this Wednesday, September 6.

I don't think there's anything you *can't* bring/send. Things that will be particularly welcome: coffee, good food, cookies (or muffins or, hell, any baked goods), anything from my wishlist, books, DVDs, BPAL... if you're mailing anything, contact yendi AT for our mailing address. (Again - people have asked.) *hugs*

A note for you: They will be crashing me off my brain-drugs and, at some point, sleep-depping me. So be prepared for me to be acting weird or slow or wobbly. My brain will deliberately be at low capacity.

I could go into describing temporal lobe seizures, and maybe I will later, but: when I seize, I am nonresponsive. If you can't get me to answer or acknowledge you, please press the event button taped to the left bedrail and the nurse call button.

Yeah, I'm scared. But I will be okay. I will pass through the big scary thing, and they will get useful results, and I will be okay. And y'know what? This big scary thing is finite. That helps.

Any questions?
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