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Thor's Day

Hello to new reader caerwynx!

I am so fucked up. The dizziness, the wooziness, and - the myoclonic jerks can stop any time now, seriously. They're driving me crazy. (Okay, crazier.) Also, general feeling of weakness in my limbs, especially my arms, which also hurt.

Met fiddle_dragon last night, and she rocks just like I thought she would. :) Must get more time with her somehow.

Hey, kids! Free stuff!


Oh hell yeah.
The Hebrew Hammer 2: Hammer vs. Hitler.

Note to self
Write post about our cats when less fucked up.

Daily Science
The death of a star, covered by Wired and the Hubble.

The "God Spot" in the brain, covered by Frink Tank and Inky Circus!

Best Science Week Evar: Between Pluto, stem cells, dark matter and long-term potentiation, last week brought a slew of scientific discoveries, reminding us why we love this stuff.

Here, check out Wikipedia's entry on temporal lobe epilepsy, which is what I've got.

Daily BPAL
Placed big order last night. Will now commence to wait. (Actually, I ordered Chrysanthemum Moon and F5, and things ordered on 8/2 are arriving, so my 8/9 order should be forthcoming soonish.)
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