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I'm way late posting this. Orders are due tomorrow, so I must have your order today. With payment.

Atlanta locals only.

This company doesn't ship, and I'm not going to. It's cheesecake and other items that would need really expensive and specialized shipping, and I'm just not doin' it, very sorry.

This is a fundraiser for Elayna's school band. No, she's hopefully not going to be here all year, but I'd like to support them anyway.

Please comment with your order and PayPal to shadesong AT Remember, Atlantans only. Thank you!

* Chocolate Swirl cheesecake: $21.00
* Chocolate Cookie Dough cheesecake: $22.00
* Strawberry Symphony cheesecake: $18.00
* Carrot Cake cheesecake: $21.00
* New York Original cheesecake: $21.00
* Triple Chocolate Crunch cheesecake: $22.00
* Gourmet Turtle cheesecake: $22.00

Not Cheesecakes
* Grandma's Country Apple cake: $15.00
* Ultimate Caramel Nut brownies: $13.00
* Cheesecake Danish Kringle: $13.00
* Pumpkin Roll: $14.00
* Chocolate Chunk cookie dough: $13.00
* Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk cookie dough: $13.00
* Macadamia White Chocolate Chip cookie dough: $16.00
* Gourmet Buttery Pretzels: $15.00
* Big Augie's Big Boss Pizza (18"): $15.00
* Caramel Apple Walnut pie: $16.00
* Pecan pie: $16.00
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